Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Character jitter and a new test project

The character was jittering back and forth when it walked, which I originally assumed was due to the large number of lights I was testing with.  However, when I removed all of the test lights, the character was still jittering.  After a bit of debugging, it looks like the bug was caused by the camera update being performed before the character's position was integrated.  This caused the camera to point at where the character used to be, not where it current was.

The artist GreyKnight has been creating models and textures for this test project I am working on.  However, this is taking time away from creating artwork for the SHMUP so I have decided to switch test projects a bit sooner than I was originally expecting.  This new test project will use art assets which the SHMUP will eventually need (please note that the test project will be different from the SHMUP though).

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