Thursday, September 8, 2011

Memory Hazards, Jaggies, and EC2

Memory data hazards are prevented by keeping a list of all the addresses with outstanding stores, and putting a load into a queue if it is for an address in that list.  I don't know how WAW hazards are prevented though...  I am currently reading "ARB: A Hardware Mechanism for Dynamic Reordering of Memory References" to try and find an answer to that question.

Indirectly, I stumbled upon the reason why having "jaggies" in a graphic is called "aliasing": Multiple parts of the picture the graphic is modeling "alias" the same pixel.  As things are want to do, this seems obvious in retrospect.

I also did some research into Amazon EC2.  It would definitely be on a faster internet connection than our current server, but the CPU may be a bit slower.  I am also unsure how installing programs is performed, and whether there is some way of viewing the Windows GUI or if you have to do everything via command line.  There is also the matter of losing all your data if the server goes down...  Although that can be prevented by using Amazon's cloud storage service.

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